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Let’s find out how you can receive a € 10,000 loan by contacting Postal Service Italy. Let’s see who is funding this form and how to request a free quote online using the simulator, available on the company’s website. Finally, how to calculate the repayment installment that we are going to pay every month and an example to see in detail all the features of the Fostal bank 10 thousand euro loan.

Loans 10,000 euros Postal Service Italy: features and calculation online rate

Loans 10,000 euros Postal Service Italy: features and calculation online rate

If you are interested in receiving a 10 thousand euro loan, very useful for example to buy a new or used car, or to buy furniture for the home, one of the most convenient options is undoubtedly represented by Postal Service Italy personal loans. There are several advantages of this type of product, which is primarily aimed at a rather large clientele. Fostal bank loans can in fact be requested by all residents in Italy, who receive a pension or a work income, produced in Italy. It is not necessary to have a Fostal bank current account in order to apply for a loan of 10,000 euros, even if waiting times, usually quite short, could slightly lengthen for those who are not customers of the company.

To request a Postal Service Italy loan, what you need to do is connect to the company’s website. If you are not yet, you will need to register on the site, following the guided procedure that will last only a few minutes. Once this is done, you can analyze the treatment offered by carefully reading all the information you find on the website. However, if you want to see in detail the cost to which you will go to receive a loan of 10,000 euros, the best thing to do is to request an online estimate, which will be completely free and without any commitment. To calculate the total expenditure that we will face, and especially the installment that we will have to pay each month, all we have to do is enter the amount we need (in our case 10,000 euros) and the number of months in which we prefer to make the repayment.

To choose the duration of the loan that best meets our needs, we must remember that with the increase in the number of months in which to repay installments, the amount of each installment will be lowered but we will pay a larger amount of interest. On the other hand, at a shorter duration a higher installment will be paid but also less interest to be paid. Therefore inserting the duration that we prefer, we will immediately be presented with an estimate of the total cost of the loan, as well as an estimate of the installment that we will have to pay each month. We emphasize that this is only an estimate, given that at the time of requesting the actual funding the treatment offered will also depend on the personal and economic data of the client, which as we said at this stage will not be included.

An example of an estimate for a € 10,000 Fostal bank loan

An example of an estimate for a € 10,000 Fostal bank loan

We have therefore seen how you can receive a free quote for Postal Service Italy loans. To see even better the characteristics of this product, we decided to connect to the company’s website and calculate the repayment installments via the online simulator. Obviously we simulated a loan request of 10 thousand euros. So let’s see the treatment offered by Postal Service Italy through the Fostal bank loan.

The duration that we can choose for our funding starts from a minimum of 30 up to a maximum of 84 months. As always, our advice is to choose a middle ground between the minimum and the maximum, in order to obtain an overall convenient loan, in terms of interest due to the company, but with an installment that is not excessively heavy. In our case we have therefore chosen a refund in 60 months. The monthly payment we will have to pay will be € 200.38, while the interest we will have to pay for our loan will be € 2.022.80. The total cost of the loan will be 12,063.03 euros, which derives from 25 euros for pre-amortization interests and 16 euros for the substitute tax.



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