Payday Loan of 7000 euros: preventive financing and installment calculation

Let’s see who to turn to get a 7000 euro loan. We will help you in choosing the best financing by presenting the estimates of the financing with the calculation of the installment via the online simulator available on the website of the various banks.

Loan 7000 euros Ultranix: free online quote

Loan 7000 euros Ultranix: free online quote

If you are interested in receiving a 7000 euro loan, the credit institutions to which you can apply are different. For this reason we want to present the estimates of the main banks and financial companies that offer this type of financing, so as to offer you a vision of the treatments offered and to choose the most convenient according to your needs.

The first financial to which you can apply for a 7000 euro loan is Ultranix. A very useful service that is provided on the website of this company is the online simulator. Thanks to this it will be possible to simulate the loan to which we are interested. Doing so will be very simple, as it will be enough to insert in the appropriate space the amount we need, which will be 7000 euros.

By clicking on ” Calculate the Installment ” we will start the simulator, which will give us all the different solutions among which we can choose the most convenient. In the following table we report all the different Ultranix 7000 euro financing options, with the monthly repayment installment and the interest rates for each term that we can choose.

12 months 611.00 euros 4.93 10,13
24 months € 313.00 4.93 8.04
36 months € 213.70 4.91 7.29
48 months € 164.20 4.93 6.93
60 months € 134.50 4.93 6.69
72 months 114.70 euros 4.92 6.52
84 months 100.60 euros 4.91 6.40
96 months 97.00 euros 6.91 8.43
108 months 89.00 euros 6.92 8.37
120 months 82.60 euros 6.92 8.31

The first aspect of Ultranix personal loans that catches one’s eye from the table concerns precisely the durations available. This company is in fact the one that offers its customers the possibility to extend the repayment more. At the time of the 7000 euro loan request we will have the opportunity to choose the number of installments starting from a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 120. Obviously, as with any form of loan, as the duration increases we will have the advantage of paying a rather low monthly payment, but at the same time we must consider that the interests will be much higher.

In the case of loans of 7000 euros, being a sum of money not too high, it is strongly inadvisable to choose a repayment in 120 installments, given that even for significantly lower periods the repayment installment will certainly not be insurmountable. So the ideal solution is the one with the minimum duration between those that obviously provide a reimbursement installment within the scope, based on the salary received.

The above table is therefore very useful for identifying the best solution based mainly on the expected monthly repayment installment. In particular, with regard to the 7000 euro Ultranix loans, our advice is not to go beyond 48 months, for which an installment of 164.20 euros and Tan 4.93% interest rates and Taeg is expected. 6.93%. Especially if you do not have any other deductions from your salary, you will probably also be able to choose a repayment in 36 installments, each amounting to € 213.70 and interest rates Tan 4.91% and Taeg 7.29%.

Astrofinance Personal Loan 7 thousand euros: installment calculation and interest rates

Astrofinance Personal Loan 7 thousand euros: installment calculation and interest rates

Another excellent company that offers its customers the possibility to request a personal loan of 7000 euros is Astrofinance. Also in this case it is possible to make a calculation of the installment, in order to identify the most convenient solution according to your needs. The difference with respect to the Ultranix simulator is that at the time of the simulation it is necessary to specify the project to be realized with the money we will borrow.

Based on this, that we will have to choose from the appropriate drop-down menu, some conditions may vary, such as the maximum possible duration, but in general we can consider the same treatment for all the various projects that we can choose. The redemption rate and the interest rates applied for each term that we can choose for the 7000 euro Astrofinance loans are shown in the following table.

18 months € 412.30 7.47 7.73
24 months € 314.90 7.46 7.73
30 months 256.50 euros 7.46 7.72
36 months € 217.60 7.45 7.71
42 months 189.80 euros 7.46 7.72
48 months 169.10 euros 7.45 7.71
54 months 153.00 euros 7.45 7.71
60 months 140.10 euros 7.45 7.70
66 months 129.60 euros 7.45 7.71
72 months € 120.90 7.46 7.72
78 months € 113.50 7.45 7.71
84 months 107.20 euros 7.45 7.71
96 months 97.10 euro 7.47 7.73
108 months 89.20 euros 7.46 7.72

In this case the duration that we can choose from a minimum of 18 months up to a maximum of 108 months, so we will have a good flexibility from this point of view. As we have already said for Ultranix loans, also in this case we advise you to choose the lowest possible duration, in order to save on the amount to be paid to the company for interest. What can be seen from the 7000 euro Astrofinance financing table regarding interest rates is that they are almost fixed as the duration changes. Do not be fooled by this, in fact it is good to remember that these are only annual rates, so overall the expenditure will be significantly higher with increasing duration.

If you are interested in receiving 7000 euros on loan and want to contact Astrofinance, a duration that may be advisable is that of 36 months, which provides a rather low rate, given that it is equal to 217.60 euros, while interest rates they are Tan 7.45% and Taeg 7.71%. The ideal duration obviously depends on the economic availability of the applicant, so the solutions we recommend are only indicative. If you prefer to complete the repayment as quickly as possible, in this case the fastest repayment is the one in 18 installments of 412.30 euro, with interest rates Tan 7.47% and Taeg 7.73%.

Cleopar financing € 7000: estimate table for each duration

Cleopar financing € 7000: estimate table for each duration

Another credit institution with which we advise you to request a quote for your personal loan of 7000 euros is Cleopar. Here too, credit solutions are quite interesting, as they allow you to receive up to 30,000 euros. The Cleopar website describes all the characteristics of personal loans offered by the company to its customers. Among these, the ” Change ” and ” Jump ” services are very interesting, which will allow you respectively to change the amount of the installment in a given month and to skip the installment.

So if you had problems in paying the fixed installment, for example due to an unexpected expense, or maybe in the month of December when you spend more for Christmas gifts, you can lower the installment or not pay. The unpaid amount will be added at the end of the repayment, thus lengthening the total duration, all without any additional cost. Also for the 7000 euro Cleopar loans we have carried out a simulation, and all the features of the different solutions that have been offered to us are shown in the table below.

24 months € 327.53 9.90 12,64
30 months € 268.32 9.90 12,28
36 months 228.92 euros 9.90 12.03
42 months € 200.85 9.90 11,85
48 months € 179.86 9.90 11,81
54 months € 163.58 9.90 11,61
60 months € 150.61 9.90 11,52
66 months 140.04 euros 9.90 11.45
72 months € 131.27 9.90 11.39
78 months 123.88 euros 9.90 11,34
84 months 117.58 euros 9.90 11,29

Cleopar loans of 7,000 euros have the characteristic of providing a fixed Tan of 9.90%, which does not therefore depend on the duration we will choose. The same argument does not apply to the Taeg, which, as you can see from the table, decreases as the number of installments increases. starting from a maximum value of 12.64% in correspondence of the repayment in 24 months up to the minimum value of 11.29% in the case in which the reimbursement is chosen in 84 installments. Obviously this last solution is strongly discouraged, since we are talking about a loan of only 7000 euros.

The most convenient Cleopar loan is therefore the one with a duration of 24 months, which has an installment of € 327.53 and interest rates of Tan 9.90% and Taeg of 12.64%. Our advice is not to go beyond the 42 months of duration. In fact, this solution corresponds to a very convenient installment of € 200.85 and interest rates of Tan 9.90% and Taeg of 11.85%.

Plungeo loan 7000 euros: estimate with online payment calculation

Plungeo loan 7000 euros: estimate with online payment calculation

To complete our analysis of the best 7000 euro financing currently on the market, it is also necessary to talk about the Plungeo Loan. This product, offered by InDirect, is aimed at all those who need liquidity in a short time. Also in this case the bank provides us with a very useful software, which allows us to simulate the financing to which we are interested. Our advice as always is to request a quote from several companies, so as to compare the proposals and identify the solution that best meets our needs in terms of costs, delivery times and required requirements.

In the case of the Plungeo Loan you have the option to choose the amount and the duration as you like, moving on the relative bars on the right and on the left to increase or decrease the amount and duration. To offer you an immediate view of the treatment offered by InDirect for loans of 7000 euro we have calculated the estimates for all the different durations, and in the table below we report the monthly repayment installment and interest rates applied by the bank.

12 months 612.00 euros 8.95 9.80
18 months € 417.02 8.95 9.65
24 months € 319.63 8.95 9.60
30 months 261.28 euros 8.95 9.55
36 months 222.44 euros 8.95 9.51
42 months € 194.75 8.95 9.49
48 months € 174.03 8.95 9.47
54 months 157.96 euros 8.95 9.45
60 months 145.14 euros 8.95 9.44
66 months 134.68 euros 8.95 9.43
72 months € 126.01 8.95 9.43
78 months 118.69 euros 8.95 9.42
84 months 112.45 euros 8.95 9.41

Also in this case the customer will have a wide choice, since the number of months in which to complete the reimbursement goes from a minimum of 12 up to a maximum of 84. The Annual Nominal Rate is fixed at 8.95% and therefore does not vary with the duration. As we have also seen for other banks, the Annual Effective Annual Rate applied by InDirect decreases with the increase in the number of installments. The minimum duration available is probably within the reach of a few, since choosing a refund in 12 months we will have to face monthly installments of 612 euros, with interest rates Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9.80%.

The repayment option in 30 monthly installments is certainly more easily negotiated. In this case, in fact, each month we will pay € 261.28 and interest rates will be Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9.55%. Obviously if you prefer a lighter installment you can increase the duration of the Plungeo Loan from 7000 euros, but remember that in this case will increase the cost of your loan in terms of interest.



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