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Ranking of Loans for Pensioners Portal Loan

April 16, 2015 The autumn of life is the time when we should travel and make our dreams come true. Unfortunately, unlike retirees from Western Europe, most often we do not have the resources. Retirement benefits are barely enough for current expenses, there is no way to implement other, unusual plans. However, it does not have to be that way. Even after the end of professional activity, we can enjoy life using the wide range of non-bank financial products. Which companies allow pensioners to incur liabilities? 

Retired – is it easy for them to borrow?

Retired - is it easy for them to borrow?

Over 65 we are struggling with various adversities. These are not only diseases and fatigue with daily duties, which need much more energy now. There is also a shortage of money, mainly due to the end of professional activity. Banks set too high requirements to meet them and receive additional money. We know very well what documents are needed to apply for a loan. It is difficult to get all the certificates, so it is better to reach for a short time. Non-bank institutions minimize the necessary formalities. They care about the time and convenience of their clients, guaranteeing them favorable conditions for applying for financial benefits.

Loan offers for pensioners

Loan offers for pensioners

People over 65 also have a chance to make their dreams come true. The non-bank loans market allows them to apply for a cash injection. The condition is, of course, to check each client by the lender. Although, for financial institutions, more valuable clients are active people, they are not closed to the needs of older people. There are many lenders ready to provide benefits to people for whom extra money is often a huge salvation. By not exaggerating with the amount of the loan taken, cash will help them with financial problems and will allow to implement many plans.

No age limit – the best offer for older people

No age limit - the best offer for older people

Zengga presents an especially attractive offer for older people. It does not specify the age limit, that’s why everyone can take its loan if they are 18 years old. Moments for 18 years are very popular because young people also need additional support for their funds. What’s more, the loan in Wonda is one hundred percent Internet. You do not need to leave your home to apply and complete the necessary formalities. The whole lending process takes place online, making it easier for older, often ailing people to seek additional budget support. By lending responsibly, customers over 65 will be able to repair their finances and pay installments easily. Smaller amounts are easily settled in one-off payments. However, if we need a larger amount, it is worth choosing installment loans. They allow spreading the receivables into several installments, matching them to the financial capabilities of the individual customer.

Other offers for pensioners

Not only Zengga guarantees loans for pensioners. An offer for older people who do not have a financial cushion, and need additional resources, also has many other companies. Ratka.pl provides particularly attractive conditions. Lets you borrow money to people under 80. Hillarium grants loans to customers up to 76 years old, Hypocredit – up to 78 years old, Dufin in turn – only up to 70 years old. When looking for loans in non-bank institutions, it is also worth paying attention to Polycredit, which guarantees benefits for people under 80 years of age. As you can see, older people can count on help in many companies. These are just examples of non-bank institutions, there are many more on the market. You just need to check the terms of providing benefits carefully, knowing how to compare payday loans, and everything will go our way.

Free loans also for people over 65

Free loans also for people over 65

Taking loans, it is worth using particularly attractive offers of free loans. Although age affects the decision to grant a loan, then – if the lender decides to provide benefits to the elderly – it does not take them the opportunity to use loans free of charge. They are deprived of additional costs, which is why the customer gives back exactly the amount he tried. Free loans offers, among others Hillarium (up to PLN 1000 for 30 days), Hypocredit (up to PLN 2,500 for 30 days) or Dufin (up to PLN 1,500 for 30 days).

Free loans usually do not amount to high amounts. However, the lower amount, and hence the shorter repayment period, works in favor of pensioners. They do not have to worry about the long lending period. They quickly pay off the liability without fear of the consequences of not paying the loan on time.

What conditions must be met?

What conditions must be met?

It is easy to take a quick loan, mainly due to simple requirements. The conditions that are characteristic of older people do not differ from the conditions that are set for the young. In addition to being within the age limit, it is necessary to have a permanent address, documented income (in the case of customers over 65 years of age are retirement or disability benefits from the last month or three months), an active bank account and a mobile number. In addition, the presence in any of the debtors’ registers is not indicated. By satisfying these conditions, you can successfully apply for a break.

How to look for loans?

How to look for loans?

Only rational signing of contracts allows you to take care of your finances. Therefore, also older people should know how to look for loans to make good decisions. First of all, you should check the rankings of payday loans and the rankings of installment loans. Knowing which lender is actually beneficial, you do not have to worry about the security of your finances. When comparing loans, it is worth paying special attention to the maximum amount of benefits, the repayment date and additional possibilities, such as early repayment or extension of the payment deadline.

“The senior can freely use the cash received from the loan. Non-bank institutions do not require them to be informed about the allocation of money from the moment of payment. 

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