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Yogurt Mousse with Goji Berry

To diet could mean to eat properly, balancing nutrition and avoid the intake of some food. It’s also depends on your genetic, your blood type and your health issues. Sometimes to make sure you have proper nutrition intake daily, you throw every vegetables and fruit into the blender and there you have your juice. How about snacking? Doctors suggest 3 times of snack between meals everyday to prevent overeating. The most favourite healthy snack is yogurt.

Yogurt is tasty, low in calories and easy to get but some commercial flavoured yogurt contain the same level of sugar you could find in ice cream. Sure, way to waste your hard worked diet. In, you will find recipe to make yogurt mousse with goji berry to help you lose your weight. What’s could’ve been better than tasty, healthy, homemade yogurt mousse? You could keep it stored in refrigerator to make sure you have healthy snack option every time.