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If you spend a lot of time playing video games, then no doubt you often find yourself in conversations with other gamers about which is the best video game for the various video game consoles. Really avid video gamers can get very intense and energetic in these kinds of debates and will often firmly stand their ground about their favorite games and the gaming platform they use as such as .cheap runescape gold

New video games come out all the time and many of them are hugely anticipated because the company that is releasing them puts out a lot of promotions, advertising and hype to try to build up interest and “buzz” surrounding their newest offerings. But, just because a game is hot and fresh on the market does not mean that it will necessarily make any true gamers’ “best” list.

Video gamers tend to be pretty opinionated when it comes to the best video game and some can never be dissuaded about their own top picks, no matter what others might say. It really all comes down to what an individual gamer prefers in terms of what they find most engaging, fun, challenging and absorbing in their favorite video games.

However, you can get a feel for what people consider are the best video games available these days from a number of sources. For example, you can go to gaming forums or look up blogs that cater to video gamers. Usually, you will find a handful of video games that are mentioned over and over and that show up on people’s top picks lists consistently. If several people are in agreement, then that’s a pretty good sign that the game might be worth your consideration.

But, you will really never know if a game will make it to your personal “top 10 list” until you have a chance to pop it into your gaming console and take it for a spin and learn the ins and out of the game. It can be really expensive to run out and buy a bunch of games to try, hoping that one is really worthy of your time, but a more affordable option is to rent them.

Once you have found the best video game from the rentals you have tried, you can buy that one so you always have it on hand. At the same time you can continue using the rental service to test new games as they come out. In no time at all you will have your personal “best video games” list and you will have saved a lot of money with this approach.