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Pick The Right Wood For Your Guitar

The best thing from the classic guitar is probably the physical appearance. The natural looking from the woods of the body is clearly has a certain beauty to it. The woods on the guitar body are also used as a pointer how the sound of the guitar will be. Weight from the guitar is also could be predicted from what kind of woods the guitar used.

Woods is also shows the quality and the character of the guitar itself. The body, the neck and the head are made from woods, so it is important to know which woods are the best according to each kind of woods. Here are two top wood choices in guitar:

1.    Ash. A popular hardwood that has been available commercially for many uses like flooring, furniture, paneling, kitchen cabinets, baseball bats, oars, hockey sticks and skis. Belongs to the olive family, this woods characteristic is strong and have high flexibility. As a guitar, the sound that resonate from the body of ash will be a little twangy, sweet and also airy. The lower tone is firm while the higher is still pleasant.

2.    Maple. The tree is used for the popular maple syrup and important source of wood. The wood are the main choice for all kind of bowling equipment like the pins, the alley lanes and also shaft of pool cue. The use for baseball bat is not often because the woods are easily shattered when broken. In a guitar, maple is used for the necks and the bodies and it characteristic is hard, dense and a little heavy. The sound of maple wood guitar will be very bright, the lows are tight and the tone is precise.

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