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Our Next Upcoming Project By CEL, Grandeur Park Residences At Tanah Merah

The choice to stay at the condo now be an option because the needs of the increasing housing needs in urban footprint make house prices more expensive and to work around this is to stay in a condo that has many public facilities and close to the area of ??offices and shopping centers. Location Grandeur Park Residences is a location that has a rapid growth for the business so you have the opportunity to raise the price of the condo that you can sell at a higher price to make a profit. There is a facility provided by condominium developers that can be used as an attraction in itself. Means such as fitness center, jogging track, swimming pool, playground, restaurant, café, mini market and other facilities that make the apartment dwellers do not have to go too far again to be able to meet all their needs. Grandeur Park provides 5 tower residential flats with 14-15 levels.

You will not be bothered with the work taking care of the garden, clean water, disposal facilities, or because air circulation is provided by the developer is responsible for all of it. Thus the security level of the condo was also much better because there is a security guard for 24 hours straight and Grandeur Park Facilities CCTV in every corner of the building so that all residents can quieter to stay and leave their condo. This is the most important thing because most of the people of the city would rather spend their time outdoors, whether it’s for work, recreation and shopping. , If you choose Grandeur Park Residences as a condominium, then you can reduce physical fatigue factor and also the stress on the road and during activity. You also can more quickly arrive at the work site or a place to stay so time your rest more.

Because the location of Grandeur Park Condominium located next to Tanah Merah MRT Station is very useful to be used as condominiums and investment. With easy access to several facilities and other public facilities.