What is e cigarette

Nowadays we often hear about e cigarettes. Maybe some people will ask, what is e cigarette? For smokers, e cigarette is the alternative way to be able to smoke in a different way. They can still produce smoke from it even with higher numbers that traditional cigarettes. The resulting smoke is different from the smoke of traditional cigarettes because it doesn’t use tobacco are burned. It uses the liquid which are converted into smoke. The liquid are made by mixing the flavor of fruits and nicotine.

E cigarettes have many flavors such us grape, apple, chocolate, and much more. Usually it using the flavor of fruits but one developed again, it have the flavor of foods. That is why e cigarettes had more lovers than traditional cigarettes. E cigarettes also can be recharged if it has run out. If we use e cigarettes, don’t forget to charge the batteries because if not, we can’t use the e cigarette.

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